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Gold Plated Pendant Necklace Apricot Leaf Petunia, Rolo Chain 40+5CM Extend Chain

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I. Health care functions of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry:
A. It can absorb daily toxin of human body. Wearing sterling silver jewelry, if it becomes brighter and brighter, that means you are healthy. If the sterling silver gets darker and darker, that means you are unheathly.
B. Sterling silver can release silver ion which can stimulate ability and immunity of human body.

II. Maintenance of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry:
A. You can use Silver Cloth to clean it when it gets dark. You can also use small brush with toothpaste to wash it. After finished, you need to keep it dry.
B. It is better not to wear it when you take a shower, avoiding the steam, water and sweat.
C. If the sterling silver gets wet, please use the Cutton Cloth to wipe it.

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